Charleston City Paper - Dock Street Theatre Tour

Dock Street Theatre tour

Posted by John Stoehr on Fri, May 22, 2009 at 11:34 AM

The renovation is looking very good. There were shovels and plaster and buckets everywhere, but you could see what the completed project is going to look like. In the words, Nigel Redden, Spoleto director, it will look like nothing happened. "Just a few touch ups of paint," he said. We had a chance to talk to a couple of technicians there. One told us about how the original cypress columns were treated. All hand sanded and hand finished with just the right amount of stain. Then there was the molding around doors and molding in and around the lobby area. That too were redone by hand using a "dental pick" and some solvent. If it's done with too much impatience, we were told, the molding would either disintegrate or pop off. In some cases, this happened before they knew what was happening. Engineers have had to hire a specialist to make replicas. All very detailed work for such a massive project. We'll have some video soon. Redden said the renovation is on course to be completed in February 2010, but may be done earlier. Then he knocked on some wood. -JS